Pictures of Italy

As part of the Digital Michelangelo Project, I was in Italy for 8 months, from Sept. 25, 1998, to June 2, 1999.

Pictures of the Arni Quarry (in the vicinity of Carrara)
Pictures of Northern Italy (en route to Switzerland)
Pictures of Central Italy (en route to Rome)
Pictures of the Vatican (in Rome)
Pictures of Rome - EUR
Pictures of Florence in Spring, as I was leaving

Florence - Initial Impressions

Most of the following pictures were taken and assembled in my first few weeks in Florence. This is basically a postcard to myself of my first impressions.

Pictures of the Arno River
Pictures of landmarks in Florence
Piazza Michelangelo (above Florence)
A Map of Central Florence
Pictures of Florence at night
Pictures of the streets of Florence
Pictures of some shops in Florence
Medieval Fortifications in Florence
Pictures of the graphics lab in Florence
Pictures of my apartment
Snapshots of daily life
Laminar flow in my sink

Lucas Pereira