Florence Apartment Pictures

Pictures of my apartment...

The door to our apartment, at the top of the stairs.

Inside, our hallway lit from the skylight.

Our hallway mirror and hallway goat.

Our dining table in the kitchen.

The other end of the kitchen.

The kitchen, with doors open to the patio.

Looking into the living room from the hall.

Walking into the living room...

...and looking back at the hallway.

Lucas' room.

The other end, with the second bed...

...and a desk.

Dave's (children's) bedroom.

Dave's bedroom, other end.

Szymon's (master) bedroom.

Italians like solid locks. Here, the key engages four bars top and bottom...

...and four dead bolts (along with the regular lock).

And our bronze guardgoat, for good luck.

Our bathroom.

The shower consists of a shower head and a curtain at the end of the bathroom.

And of course, a bidet.

The electric heater in the bathroom, set to "broil".

The microwave in the kitchen, which can broil with either microwaves or the heating element.

Pictures of my building...

The front of my building.

Another view of our building on the piazza, showing the newsstand and two leather stores.

Santa Croce church, in our Piazza, is where Michelangelo and many other famous Italians are buried.

The large wooden front doors.

A few of the 69 stairs climbing up to our apartment.

A 1st-floor window from the stairwell through the thick iron bars into the piazza.

The 2nd-floor landing...

... and the view from the landing over the crowds of tourists in the piazza.

The 2nd-floor terrace, as seen from the stairwell.

The view off our kitchen balcony, across Piazza Santa Croce. This was taken the day of a farmer's market, so the piazza is filled with tents and people.

Lucas Pereira