Snapshots of Daily Life

An old man throws bread crumbs to the pigeons in a park.

Italian coins: 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000 Lire.

Dogs are definitely the preferred pet in Florence, as evidenced by their poop on every sidewalk in town.

On weekends, the banks of the Arno above Ponte San Niccolo are crowded with fishermen, with very long poles.

My keys. The blue key opens the door to my apartment stairwell, the big silver key opens my front door, and the three similar keys open the garage door, garage gate, and front door to the lab.

Our apartment has a clothes washing machine, but like virtually everybody else, no drier. I tried drying my clothes on the balcony, but with the high humidity, they were still wet after two days. So I moved them indoors, where they only took another day to dry.

It gets cold in Florence, so I bought a ski cap. Wow. Suddenly I look like a mugger walking through the streets of florence.

Lucas Pereira