Streets of Florence

In the central (oldest) part of town, the tiny streets are closed to cars (except police, taxis, and buses).

Some streets are extremely narrow.

And others curve, challenging one's sense of direction.

To deal with the tiny streets, small vehicles are popular, like this 3-wheeled truck.

A sport-utility vehicle, Florence style.

Another small (1-person?) car.

Motorscooters are very popular. Perhaps because it's easier to find a parking space.

Many buildings in Florence date back to medieval times. This building reminded me of a LEGO castle.

Although a reasonably safe place, it's still not uncommon to see guards carrying semiautomatic rifles.

Most businesses are closed, so streets are incredibly quiet on weekend mornings.

Via De Benci on Sunday morning. Weekdays, it's overflowing with traffic.

Streets get wider, buildings less ancient, and the pace slower as you get away from the city center.

A steep street behind the Stanford lab climbs by a church.

Lungarno Del Tempio, away from the center of town. The river is to the right, on the other side of the small park.

Lucas Pereira