Here is a fun example that shows the turbulent wake behind an airplane. I was inspired to include this example after listening to Kelly Gaither?s presentation at the panel, ?In the Eye of the Beholder: The Role of Perception in Scientific Visualization,? on Wednesday. She has a collection of really great examples from experimental flow visualization.

Let me show you two other examples from flow visualization.

Reference: From the web site (http://www.mame.syr.edu/simfluid/redder/downwash1.html:

?A Cessna Citation was flown above a cloud bank over Lake Tahoe at approximately 165 knots. The trailing vortices descended over the fog layer due to downwash, and were made visible by the distortion at the interface. This photo was taken from the tail gunner's position in a B-25 flying in formation slightly above and ahead of the Cessna. The Cessna is initiating a climb after a slow level flight.?

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