My résumé
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Pradeep Sen

372 Gates Computer Science                                                         110 S. Grand Oaks Ave. #2

Stanford, CA 94305                                                                                 Pasadena, CA 91107

e-mail: psen 'at'                                                                  (650) 387-8827



Research Interests

Real-time graphics, graphics hardware, global illumination algorithms, light-field rendering, computational photography and light field display technology.




Stanford University, Stanford, California

Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (graduating June 2006)

Dissertation: Analysis and implementation of the silhouette map data structure and its applications in computer graphics

Adviser: Prof. Pat Hanrahan


Stanford University, Stanford, California

M.S. in Electrical Engineering    (May 1998)

Course concentration: circuits and semiconductors

Research: electron beam lithography


Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana

B.S. in Computer and Electrical Engineering (May 1996)

GPA 3.85 / 4.0, Magna Cum Laude

180 units of coursework (18 graduate-level) completed out of 131 required



Research Experience

Stanford University, Stanford, California

Dual Photography                                                                                (October ’04 – present)

Led a team that developed a novel photographic technique which exploits Helmholtz reciprocity to interchange cameras and projectors in a scene, effectively capturing a photograph from the point of view of the projector.  Demonstrated how this technique can capture a 6D slice of the full 8D reflectance field more efficiently than conventional techniques.  Press coverage: Slashdot, Technology Research News Magazine, New Scientist, CPU, CGWorld, ComputerWorld


Silhouette Maps (Dissertation work)                                                 (September ’02 – present)

Developed the silhouette map data structure that embeds boundary information into a texture and can be accessed in real-time.  Silhouette maps can be used for conventional texture mapping to reduce the blurring as well as for various other texturing applications, e.g. shadow mapping.


Real-time Shading Languages                                                (September ’00 – September ’02)

Developed back-ends for the Real-time Shading Language (RTSL) for the NV20 and the R300.  Created demos that were featured in the cover of the Graphics Hardware 2001 proceedings.  Worked on an algorithm to recursively split large shaders into multiple passes to fit them onto the hardware (RDS).

Negative Electron Affinity Photocathodes for E-beam Lithography         (June ’97 – June ’99)

During my M.S. degree I worked in the area of semiconductors, experimenting with novel electron sources for high-throughput electron beam lithography.  In particular, I studied the effects of contamination on the performance of Negative Electron Affinity (NEA) photocathodes.



Work Experience

Thinkstakes, Inc., Palo Alto, California                                  (September ’98 – September ’00)

Co-founder of a profitable startup company that provided a suite of online tools to efficiently manage promotions online.


Stanford University, Stanford, California                                 (September ’98 – September ’03)

Residential Computer Consultant.  Configured and maintained the network connection to students’ homes.


Commissariat d’Energie Atomique (CEA), Grenoble, France                              (Summer ’96)

Developed software to implicit the void function in the latest version of the CATHARE code, a program that simulates a nuclear reactor during accidental conditions.


Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI), Baltimore, Maryland                      (Summer ’95)

Wrote software that analyzed spectral data from high-redshift active galactic nuclei (AGN) imaged by the Hubble telescope.


Eastman Kodak, Office Imaging Division, Rochester, New York                        (Summer ’94)

Designed test fixture to improve the quality of printed circuit boards in the microfilm machines.


Motorola, Land Mobile Products Sector, Schaumburg, Illinois                             (Summer ’93)

Wrote software to manage modules in the memory of a digital two-way radio, a program still used at the company today.



Teaching Experience

Stanford University, Stanford, California                                       (September – December ’02)

Teaching Assistant, CS448A Advanced Rendering with Professor Pat Hanrahan

Prepared course materials, helped with teaching duties, aided students with final projects.


Stanford University, Stanford, California                                                     (March – June ’00)

Teaching Assistant, AA236A Spacecraft Design with Professor Bob Twiggs

Course involved the construction of a small “satellite” by each group of students.  I ran the laboratory and helped the students with their projects.


Fair Oaks Elementary School, Redwood City, California                 (September ’98 – June ’00)

Volunteer teacher one day a week to teach a 5th grade class Math and Science in Spanish. Designed curriculum to cover topics in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics.


Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana                                          (August ’95 – May ’96)

Teaching Assistant, EE208 Electronics Laboratory

Designed labs and quizzes, helped students with their assignments.


SIGGRAPH and Journal Publications:

1.   Pradeep Sen, Billy Chen, Gaurav Garg, Steve Marschner, Mark Horowitz, Marc Levoy and Hendrik Lensch

Dual Photography

ACM SIGGRAPH 2005, ACM Transactions on Graphics, Vol. 24, Issue 3, pp. 745 – 755.


2.   Pradeep Sen, Mike Cammarano and Pat Hanrahan

Shadow Silhouette Maps

ACM SIGGRAPH 2003, ACM Transactions on Graphics, Vol. 22, Issue 3, pp. 521 – 526.


3.   Pradeep Sen, Daniel Pickard, Jim Schneider, Mark McCord, R. F. Pease, Aaron Baum, Ken Costello

Lifetime and Reliability Results for a Negative Electron Affinity Photocathode in a Demountable Vacuum System

AVS Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, Vol. 16, Issue 6, Nov ’98, pp. 3380 – 3384.


4.   Jim Schneider, Pradeep Sen,  Daniel Pickard, Gil Winograd, Mark McCord, R. F. Pease, William Spicer, Aaron Baum, Ken Costello and G.A. Davis

Patterned Negative Electron Affinity Photocathodes for Maskless Electron Beam Lithography

AVS Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, Vol. 16, Issue 6, Nov ’98, pp. 3192 – 3196.



Refereed Conference Publications:

5.   Pradeep Sen

Silhouette Maps for Improved Texture Magnification

Proceedings of SIGGRAPH/EUROGRAPHICS Graphics Hardware 2004, pp. 65 – 73.

Best paper award


6.   Eric Chan, Ren Ng, Pradeep Sen, Kekoa Proudfoot and Pat Hanrahan

Efficient Partitioning of Fragment Shaders for Multipass Rendering on Programmable Graphics Hardware

Proceedings of SIGGRAPH/EUROGRAPHICS Graphics Hardware 2002, pp. 69 – 78.

Best paper award



Other publications

7.   Pradeep Sen and Valerie DeRoo

Implicitation du Taux de Vide dans les Equations d’Impulsion dans CATHARE 3D

Internal report (in French), Commissariat d’Energie Atomique (CEA) 1996




Computer Graphics Rendering Using Boundary Information

Pradeep Sen, Mike Cammarano, Pat Hanrahan

United States Patent pending, No. 10/857,163 (filed May 27, 2004)




Invited Talks

“Dual Photography” University California San Diego, San Diego, California.  May 13, 2005

“Dual Photography” Hewlett Packard Research Labs, Palo Alto, California.  July 6, 2005

“Dual Photography” Pixar Animation, Emeryville, California.  August 30, 2005

“Dual Photography” University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.  October 27, 2005

“Dual Photography” University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin.  October 30, 2005




Professional Activities

Referee for the following conferences:

  • SIGGRAPH (’04, ’05)
  • Eurographics (’05)
  • Eurographics Symposium on Rendering (’04)
  • Graphics Hardware (’04)
  • Graphics Interface (’04, ’05)




NVIDIA Graduate Research Fellowship

National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship

Kodak Scholar (Undergraduate full-ride scholarship)

High School Valedictorian (Rank 1/205)



Selected Extracurricular Activities

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (national conference delegate Austin ’94)

Stanford Improvisors (September ’98 – December ’99)

Stanford Daily staff photographer (Jan ’98 – May ’00)

Purdue Engineering Student Council (Jan ’93 – May ’96)




Birthplace: Reynosa, Mexico

Ethnicity: Mexican American

Citizenship: USA

GRE scores: Verbal: 730, Quantitative: 780, Analytical: 790, Total: 2300

Languages: Fluent in English, Spanish, French










1.   Prof. Pat Hanrahan

Canon USA Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Gates Computer Science Building, Room 370

Stanford University

Stanford, CA 94305

phone: (650) 723-8530

e-mail: hanrahan 'at'


2.   Prof. Marc Levoy

Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

Gates Computer Science Building, Room 366

Stanford University

Stanford, CA 94305

phone: (650) 725-4089

e-mail: levoy 'at'


3.   Prof. Hendrik Lensch

Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Gates Computer Science Building, Room 364

Stanford University

Stanford, CA 94305

phone: (650) 725-9494

e-mail: lensch 'at'


4.   Prof. Mark Horowitz

Yahoo Founder’s Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Gates Computer Science Building, Room 306

Stanford University

Stanford, CA 94305

phone: (650) 725-3707

e-mail: horowitz 'at'


5.   Dr. Kurt Akeley

Assistant Managing Director

Microsoft Research Asia

3F, Beijing Sigma Center

No. 49 Zhichun Road, Haidian District

Beijing 100080,  P. R. China  

phone: +86 (10) 6261-7711 x5936

e-mail: kakeley 'at'


6.   Prof. John Owens

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

University of California

One Shields Avenue

Davis, CA 95616

phone: (530) 754-4289

e-mail: jowens 'at'