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Welcome to my web page!

I have graduated from Stanford University with my Ph.D in Electrical Engineering. I am now an Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. My new webpage can be found here, but it is not yet complete.

Random News:

1/10/08 Video Carving
Billy Chen and I recently wrote a paper on video carving based on the work of seam carving by Avidan and Shamir. You can read our paper here

Accepted Job Offer!
I have accepted a position as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of New Mexico.

5/10/05 Dual Photography in SIGGRAPH '05
Our work in dual photography has been accepted at SIGGRAPH '05! Check out the paper's webpage here. The work was also featured in Slashdot, Technology Research News, New Scientist, CPU, Computerworld, and CGWorld. Much to my surprise, the technique was also mentioned in a recent episode of the CBS show Numb3rs. You can download a clip from the show here (save the file, then play it with Windows Media Player using the DivX codec. Don't forget to turn on the sound!).

9/10/04 Back from GH'04
I just got back from the Graphics Hardware conference in Grenoble, France, where I presented my work on silhouette map textures. It was named the best paper of the conference!

10/8/03 Winner at the XGDX
I attended the Extreme Game Developer Expo (XGDX) in San Jose, which wrapped up with the "Retro game programming contest." Each team had to program a graphical game on a classic 8-bit system with a time limit of only 3 hours (including the time to learn how to program the system!) Our team got to work on the Atari 800, and we developed a game similar to the classic "Adventure" game: capture the key and find your way out of the multi-screen dungeon before the dragon kills you and you win! Our 3 hours of frantic coding were rewarded by a first place in the competition. Check us out with our prizes here. I'll put our game up online sometime...