An Assessment of Laser Range Measurement of Marble Surfaces

Guy Godin, J.-Angelo Beraldin, Marc Rioux, Marc Levoy, Luc Cournoyer, Francois Blais
Proc. Fifth Conference on optical 3-D measurement techniques
Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria, 2001


An important application of laser range sensing is found in the 3D scanning and modelling of heritage collections, and of sculptures in particular. Since a significant proportion of the statues in the world" s museums is composed of marble, the optical properties of this material under laser range sensing need to be understood. Marble's translucency and heterogeneous structure produce significant bias and increased noise in the geometric measurements. Experiments on a sample of Carrara Statuario marble highlight the relationship between the laser spot diameter and the estimated noise levels in the geometric measurements. A bias in the depth measurement is also observed. These phenomena are believed to result from scattering on the surface of small crystals at or near the surface.

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