Skiing - Tahoe Trip '98

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In February, 1998, many of us from the Graphics Group at Stanford went on a skiing trip in Tahoe. I forgot to take any pictures of actual skiing, but this shows the cool house we rented for the weekend.

Clockwise, from left: Prof. Marc Levoy, John Owens, Milton Chen, James Davis, Kari Pulli, Kekoa Proudfoot, Lucas Pereira, Szymon Rusinkiewicz, Amy, Venkat Krishnamurthy, Alex Roetter, Olaf Hall-Holt, Phil Lacroute.
Holding Camera: Christy Hall-Holt.

The view from the entry hallway. The dining room, kitchen, and indoor barbecue on on the left. The fireplace, spiral staircase, bar, TV room, and hot tub are around the corner on the right.

An almost-panorama of the TV room, central stairway, kitchen, and indoor barbecue. Most of the bedrooms are on the second floor, attached to the hallways overlooking this central area.

The fireplace and dining room.

The view from the back yard, out across Lake Tahoe.

Kekoa at the end of the dock, and his view back toward the house. Yes, he did walk out there in the early morning through knee-deep snow in shorts.