Jeremy Sugerman

I'm a Ph.D. student in Pat Hanrahan's research group. My (academic / professional) interests include doing funny things with graphics hardware, doing funny things (software only) with any hardware, hardware virtualization, and operating systems. Right now I'm working on various GPU programming notions including Brook, benchmarking, ray tracing, memory system effectiveness, conditional execution, and other things that pique my interest. I am very interested in heterogeneous / asymmetric multicore processors for both graphics and other applications. Sometimes I take notes.

In a previous life, I spent many years writing code and doing all sorts of other things at VMware, Inc. In a previous, previous life, I spent four years as an undergraduate (in Mathematics and Computer Science) and coterm (Computer Science with an Operating Systems focus) at Stanford.

Besides poking and prodding computers, I dance, play ultimate, read, hunt for good pizza in the Bay Area, and, when lucky, sleep.