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Tamara Munzner: Videos

Outside In

[MPEG | QuickTime]
Directors: Silvio Levy and Delle Maxwell and Tamara Munzner
A 22-minute animation about turning a sphere inside out.
Shown in excerpt at the SIGGRAPH 94 Electronic Theater, has won prizes at Nicograph, Prix Ars Electronica, Prix Pixel Imagina, and the London Effects and Animation Festival.
Distributed by AK Peters.

The Shape of Space

Directors: Tamara Munzner and Delle Maxwell
A 13-minute animation about spaces that are finite yet have no boundary.
Shown in excerpt at the SIGGRAPH 95 Electronic Theater and the Prix Pixel Imagina.
Distributed by Key Curriculum Press

Four-Polytopes and a Funeral (for my Conjecture)

Nina Amenta and Tamara Munzner.
A 5-minute technical video, describing a recent construction in four-dimensional geometry in the relaxed, casual way a mathematician would talk to a friend over coffee. Instead of sketching things on napkins, we use animated projections from 4D to show what's going on.
Included in the 1995 Computational Geometry Symposium Video Proceedings.

Planet Multicast

Tamara Munzner, Eric Hoffman, K. Claffy
A 7-minute research video about geographic visualization of the MBone (the Internet's multicast backbone).
Shown at the spring 1996 IETF plenary session.
Included in the Visualization '96 video proceedings.

Large Graph Exploration with H3Viewer and Site Manager

Tamara Munzner
An 8-minute research video about visualizing quasi-hierarchical graphs in 3D hyperbolic space, both standalone and when linked with the Site Manager product for webmasters.

Constellation: A Visualization Tool For Linguistic Queries from MindNet

Tamara Munzner, François Guimbretière
A 6-minute research video about a highly specialized visualization system which uses the combination of a custom 2D spatial layout and novel interaction techniques to help computational linguists check the plausibility of large semantic networks created from dictionaries.
Included in the Visualization '99 video proceedings.

Mathematical Visualization through Video
SIGGRAPH 95, Los Angeles CA, 8/95.
One of the lectures I gave in the Visualizing Mathematics course.

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