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A Rainproof Geodesic Dome for Burning Man

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These two pages contain a blow-by-blow description of how to build a rainproof geodesic dome using 3/4-inch electrical conduit and heavy-duty tarps. We brought a 20-foot diameter dome as our living space to Burning Man in 1999 and 2000.

Most of the work of designing and building in 1999 was done by Eric Hoffman. I helped some, and built these pages partially to figure out how to put it up by myself in 2000.

There are a lot of other useful dome-building pages on the web. Tara's Desert Domes is a great place to start, and also has many links to other resources. One difference between our page and many of these others is the emphasis on being rainproof. Howard's Home Dome is the advice page of another Camp Sunscreener. Finally, Bob Stahl's Temporary Desert Structures is also required reading.

Tamara Munzner
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