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Current Life

I'm starting as an assistant professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver on July 1 2002, and moving Canada around then. I was a research scientist at the Compaq Systems Research Center (formerly DEC SRC) research lab in Palo Alto from September 2000 until May 2002. I was in the Stanford Graphics Group from September 1995 until June 2000, when I finished my PhD. Before that I spent four years on the technical staff at the Geometry Center, a mathematical visualization research group. I was an undergraduate here at Stanford from '86 to '91. I was a summer intern at ETA Systems, the supercomputer subsidiary of Control Data, from '86 to '88. Like most of its peers in supercomputing, it no longer exists.

My thesis was in the area of information visualization, specifically techniques for layout, drawing, and navigation of large graphs and networks.

I started on visualizing the structure of the Web in 3D hyperbolic space while I was still at the Geometry Center, and have continued that work here at Stanford and also at Silicon Graphics, where I have been a consultant and a summer intern. I've also looked at showing graphs in a much more concrete way, using a geographical representation of the MBone tunnel structure. I interned at Microsoft Research the summer of 1998 and started on yet another graph visualization system for linguistic queries, which I finished back at Stanford.

Classes I've TA'd:

Stanford Graphics Group Tamara Munzner
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