Joseph Teran
Graduate Student
Stanford Scientific Computing/Computational Mathematics

Computer Science Department
Stanford University
Gates Computer Science Building, Room 256
Stanford, CA 94305-9020
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My research interests include computer graphics, computational biomechanics, computational solid and fluid mechanics, numerical analysis and collision detection/contact modeling.

  • Animations of muscles constructed from the NIH visible human data set (with Eftychios Sifakis, Silvia Blemker, Victor Ng-Thow-Hing, Cynthia Lau and Ronald Fedkiw).

  • Robust finite element simulation, even for degenerate and inverted elements (with Geoffrey Irving and Ronald Fedkiw).

  • Tetrahedral mesh generation (with Neil Molino, Robert Bridson and Ronald Fedkiw).

  • Publications
  • Gretarsdotir, U., Bao, Z., Bridson, R., Teran, J., and Fedkiw, R.,
    "A Bending Model for the Simulation of Folding and Wrinkling Surfaces such as Cloth and Skin",
    Submitted to ACM Transactions On Graphics.
  • Teran, J., Sifakis, E., Blemker, S., Ng Thow Hing, V., Lau, C. and Fedkiw, R.,
    "Creating and Simulating Skeletal Muscle from the Visible Human Data Set",
    IEEE TVCG (in press).
  • Bridson, R., Teran, J., Molino, N. and Fedkiw, R.,
    "Adaptive Physics Based Tetrahedral Mesh Generation Using Level Sets",
    Engineering with Computers, (in press).
  • Irving, G., Teran, J., and Fedkiw, R.,
    "Invertible Finite Elements for Robust Simulation of Large Deformation",
    ACM/SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA), edited by R. Boulic and D. Pai, 131-140, 2004.
  • Molino, N., Bridson, R., Teran, J. and Fedkiw, R.,
    "A Crystalline, Red Green Strategy for Meshing Highly Deformable Objects with Tetrahedra",
    12th Int. Meshing Roundtable, 103-114, 2003.
  • Teran, J., Blemker, S., Ng Thow Hing, V. and Fedkiw, R.,
    "Finite Volume Methods for the Simulation of Skeletal Muscle",
    ACM SIGGRAPH/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation (SCA), edited by D. Breen and M. Lin, pp. 68-74, 2003.

  • Advisor
  • Ron Fedkiw

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