Kiss On My List

This song was written by Daryl Hall and Alen in 1981 and got a great hits in the same year as a song of Daryl Hall & John Oates. It is the first song I sang in my band when I was 17 years old. It means it is my entry point to by band activity.

This version was recorded with my cousin Keisuke Tsudaka. He has great equipments to record in CD quality in his own room. Before coming to US, I went to his apartment and recorded in his room, and after that he added chorus part. This is not the final version, because he would like to add his guitar solo. After adding his guitar solo I will updated it too.

Keisuke Tsudaka Producer, Arrange
Hidetaka Inada Vocal
??? Chorus
Hi Fi Play (256 Kbps) (5.8MB)
Lo Fi Play (32 Kbps) (1.4MB)

Hidetaka Inada
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