Flash Graphics
I was part of the Flash Graphics Group, advised by Pat Hanrahan.

board I designed and built Lightning, the Flash Distributed Framebuffer, with John Owens.

Homan Igehy, Kekoa Proudfoot and I wrote a paper on tolerating memory system latency in a texture caching architecture. Homan and I then extended this work to texture caching in parallel graphics architectures with various rasterization schemes.

Homan Igehy and I developed Pomegranate, a novel parallel hardware architecture for polygon rendering. Pomegranate achieves near-linear scalability at up to 64-way parallelism. Our results are described in a SIGGRAPH 2000 paper.

Gordon Stoll and I took another pass on the original Lightning project to develop Lightning-2 in conjunction with Intel. Our system is described in a SIGGRAPH 2001 paper.

I spent some time working with Greg Humphreys and Ian Buck on scalable cluster rendering. The extension of this system to support the Parallel API is described in a SIGGRAPH 2001 paper.

PhD: Designing Graphics Architectures Around Scalability and Communication
Pomegranate My dissertation looks at scalability and communication in parallel graphics architectures. The first half presents a framework and extended taxonomy of graphics architectures, and the second half presents Pomegranate, a new parallel graphics architecture designed for high scalability.

Lightning-2: A High-Performance Display Subsystem for PC Clusters
Gordon Stoll, Matthew Eldridge, Dan Patterson, Art Webb, Steven Berman, Richard Levy, Chris Caywood, Milton Taveira, Stephen Hunt, and Pat Hanrahan
to appear in Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2001 Proceedings)
WireGL: A Scalable Graphics System for Clusters
Greg Humphreys, Matthew Eldridge, Ian Buck, Gordon Stoll, Matthew Everett and Pat Hanrahan
to appear in Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2001 Proceedings)
Distributed Rendering for Scalable Displays
Greg Humphreys, Ian Buck, Matthew Eldridge, and Pat Hanrahan
IEEE Supercomputing 2000
Parallel Texture Caching
Homan Igehy, Matthew Eldridge, and Pat Hanrahan
Proc. 1999 Eurographics / SIGGRAPH Workshop on Graphics Hardware
Pomegranate: A Fully Scalable Graphics Architecture
Matthew Eldridge, Homan Igehy, and Pat Hanrahan
Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH 2000 Proceedings)
Prefetching in a Texture Cache Architecture
Homan Igehy, Matthew Eldridge, and Kekoa Proudfoot
Proc. 1998 Eurographics / SIGGRAPH Workshop on Graphics Hardware

Master's Thesis: SIMD Column-Parallel Polygon Rendering
teapot I did my Master's Thesis on massively parallel polygon rendering on SIMD ring architectures, specifically the 1024 processor Princeton Engine at the David Sarnoff Research Center. 1-D ring architectures such as Princeton Engine are easily scaled, but the average interprocessor communication distance scales linearly with the number of processors, which has serious impacts on parallel algorithms requiring all-to-all communication, such as polygon rendering.