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I recently received my Ph.D. in computer science at Stanford University, in Palo Alto, California. I worked with Mendel Rosenblum and Pat Hanrahan on the Rivet computer systems visualization project. I was also a member of the Hive research group in the FLASH multiprocessor project, in which I worked on the SimOS complete machine simulation environment. My dissertation research focused on information visualization, specifically visualization of the huge data sets generated by computer systems. Simulators such as SimOS and instrumentation tools such as DCPI can provide vast quantites of data about both system and program performance. My research involved developing new visual metaphors for displaying this data, as well as systems that simplify the data visualization process and enable the efficient creation and use of visualizations for complex sytstems.

Previously, I worked on analyzing the performance of large block transfer operations in typical multiprogrammed workloads, and studying hardware and software based options for improving the performance of these operations. I also helped to port the NachOS instructional operating system to run on SimOS. We used the NachOS-SimOS system in the Winter 1997 introductory operating systems course, CS240A (now called CS140).

During the summer of 1994, I worked on virtual reality and human-computer interaction at the Naval Ocean Systems Center in San Diego. I worked with Elaine Schiller and David Rousseau on the Virtual Presence and CommandVu projects (in Code 44). I was the co-developer (with Barney Cabrera) of SceneMan, a prototype HCI for the LeatherNet project.

I did my undergraduate work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, earning a degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 1993. I worked with Dr. Kim Molvig, founder of Exa Corporation, on the design and implementation of a Lattice Gas-based fluid dynamics simulation system.


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Robert P. Bosch Jr.
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A Multigrid Algorithm for Lattice Gases
Robert P. Bosch Jr.
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