Directions for getting to the Workshop


The Holiday Inn

The block of hotel rooms reserved for the workshop is in the Holiday Inn (650/328-2800), at the corner of El Camino Real and University Avenue in Palo Alto. The welcoming reception on Sunday evening from 7:00 - 10:00pm will be held here. To get from here to Gates Hall, you can use the Marguerite Shuttle, a regular bus service run by Stanford. Marguerite line "A" stops at the Holiday Inn and at Stanford. Alternatively, you can walk; it only takes 10 minutes. Exiting the hotel on University Avenue and heading south/west (away from town), you will first cross El Camino (the crossing is an overpass, not a level crossing), then you will reach the main gate for Stanford University. At this point, the road changes its name from University Avenue to Palm Drive. From here, it is easy to get to Gates Hall and the workshop venues; see below for maps.

Gates Hall
(a.k.a. The Gates Computer Science Building)
(a.k.a. The Gates Info Sciences Building)

Here is a zoomable map with Gates Hall circled. Here is an ASCII map showing roughly the same information.


Despite its size, parking on the Stanford University campus is very limited, especially for visitors. Metered visitor parking is available in parking structure #1, at the corner of Campus Drive and Roth Way, one block east of Gates Hall (a.k.a. Gates Info Sciences). However, these meters permit only short-term parking, not all-day parking. The parking structure includes "A" and "C" permit parking. We will be selling these permits at the workshop, but we will only have a limited number available. There is also a free "Z" lot, open to visitors, on Stock Farm Road at the edge of campus. Click here for an overview map of the campus. If you are staying at the Holiday Inn, we suggest that you walk to Gates Hall. It is a pleasant 10-minute walk down Palm Drive.

The technical sessions

The technical sessions for the Image-Based Modeling and Rendering Workshop will be held in the HP auditorium, a.k.a. Room B01, on the basement level. When you approach Gates Hall, the main entrance is on Serra Street. It says "William Gates, Computer Science" above the door. This entrance leads directly to the lobby and elevators. You may also use the east entrance, on the Palm Drive side, opposite the biology building (Gilbert Hall). It says "Engineering Venture Fund Laboratories." From here, the lobby and elevators are to your left, and the nearest staircase is to your right. To reach the basement level, you must take the elevators or one of the wing-end staircases. The main staircase does not go there. There is one more entrance to the building - the multiple double doors lining the bulbous protrusion on the east side of the building. They lead only downstairs to the basement. You may also use these.

Wing 3B and the computer graphics laboratory

The poster and demo session will be held in Wing 3B of Gates Hall, which also contains the Stanford Computer Graphics Laboratory. This can be found on the 3rd floor, to the left (but not behind you) as you exit the elevators. As you enter the wing, the hallway splits to the left and right, around the laboratory. Go either way. If you have arranged to meet in the graphics conference room (392), e.g. for a birds-of-a-feather session, take the right split. Here is a postscript map of the third floor; however, the room labeling is obsolete.

The Stanford Faculty Club

The banquet on Tuesday evening at 7:00pm at the Stanford Faculty Club. a pleasant 10-minute walk from Gates Hall, but one for which you will definitely need a map if you don't know the campus.