GLT: An OpenGL Tracing Utility

By Kekoa Proudfoot
With significant contributions by Matthew Eldridge


This software was written as part of the FLASHG Project at Stanford for doing experimentation with OpenGL pipelines. It was inspired by SGI's GLS library, but was written to run a lot faster, so we could better interact with programs as we traced them. For more info, see:

FLASHG Project
FLASHG Graphics Architecture Studies

This software is now part of the public domain. It is completely unsupported and comes as-is with no warranties or documentation or any of that. Use it at your own risk.

While we are not supporting this software, we might be able to point you in the right direction if you have questions; however, please understand if we don't get back to you right away or even at all. Of course, if you really like this software for some reason, feel free to let us know.





There are binary versions of these tools out there somewhere, since the tools ended up being used for classes first at Stanford, then at UVa, then maybe at UTexas also.

Sample traces:

These traces can be played as-is if you have gzip in your path, otherwise you'll need to un-gzip them before playing them.

tri.glt.gz - a rotating triangle
shapes.glt.gz - many rotating cubes

Kekoa Proudfoot
February 24, 2003

Keywords: gl ogl opengl trace traces tracing glt gltrace