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Ronald Fedkiw
  • Douglas Enright (Stanford Ph.D. 2002)
          Thesis: Use of the Particle Level Set Method for Enhanced Resolution of Free Surface Flows
          Occupation: Engineering Specialist at The Aerospace Corporation
  • Ian Mitchell (Stanford Ph.D. 2002 - coadvised with Claire Tomlin)
          Thesis: Application of Level Set Methods to Control and Reachability Problems in Continuous and Hybrid Systems
          Occupation: Associate Professor at University of British Columbia
  • Robert Bridson (Stanford Ph.D. 2003)
          Thesis: Computational Aspects of Dynamic Surfaces
          Occupation: Associate Professor at University of British Columbia
  • Neil Molino (Stanford Ph.D. 2004)
          Thesis: Mesh Generation and Fracture for Deformable Bodies
          Occupation: Employee at Votsu
  • Igor Neverov (Stanford Ph.D. 2005)
          Thesis: Physics Based Modeling of the Human Face
          Occupation: Effects Programmer at Obsidian Entertainment
  • Joey Teran (Stanford Ph.D. 2005)
          Thesis: Novel Finite Element Algorithms with Applications to Skeletal Muscle Simulation
          Occupation: Assistant Professor at UCLA
  • Eran Guendelman (Stanford Ph.D. 2006)
          Thesis: Physically Based Simulation of Solids and Solid-Fluid Coupling
          Occupation: Computer Vision Researcher at PrimeSense
  • Zhaosheng Bao (Stanford Ph.D. 2006)
          Thesis: Fracturing Deformable and Rigid Materials
  • Rachel Weinstein Petterson (Stanford Ph.D. 2007)
          Thesis: Simulation and Control of Articulated Rigid Bodies
          Occupation: Software Engineer at Google
  • Eftychios Sifakis (Stanford Ph.D. 2007)
          Thesis: Algorithmic Aspects of the Simulation and Control of Computer Generated Human Anatomy Models
          Occupation: Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin - Madison
  • Frank Losasso Petterson (Stanford Ph.D. 2007)
          Thesis: Algorithms for Increasing the Efficiency and Fidelity of Fluid Simulations
          Occupation: Production Technology Supervisor at Industrial Light + Magic
  • Geoffrey Irving (Stanford Ph.D. 2007)
          Thesis: Methods for the Physically Based Simulation of Solids and Fluids
          Occupation: Employee at Otherlab
  • Andrew Selle (Stanford Ph.D. 2008)
          Thesis: Hybrid Techniques for High-fidelity Physical Simulation of Solids and Fluids
          Occupation: Senior Software Engineer at Walt Disney Studios
  • Tamar Shinar (Stanford Ph.D. 2008)
          Thesis: Simulation of Coupled Rigid and Deformable Solids and Multiphase Fluids
          Occupation: Postdoctoral researcher at Courant
  • Avi Ronbinson-Mosher (Stanford Ph.D. 2010)
          Thesis: A Strongly Coupled Method for Fluid-structure Interaction
          Occupation: Postdoctoral researcher at Wyss Institute
  • Jonathan Su (Stanford Ph.D. 2011)
          Thesis: Scalable and Efficient Simulation of Solids and Fluids
          Occupation: Employee at Intel
  • Nipun Kwatra (Stanford Ph.D. 2011)
          Thesis: Practical Methods for Simulation of Compressible Flow and Structure Interactions
          Occupation: Employee at Google
  • Craig Schroeder (Stanford Ph.D. 2011)
          Thesis: Coupled Simulation of Deformable Solids, Rigid Bodies, and Fluids with Surface Tension
          Occupation: Postdoctoal Researcher at UCLA

  • Leo Guibas
  • John Hershberger (Stanford Ph.D.)
          Occupation: Employee at Mentor Graphics Corporation
  • Jorge Stolfi (Stanford Ph.D. 1988)
          Occupation: Professor at State University of Campinas
  • Kenneth Brook (Stanford Ph.D.)
  • Jack Snoeyink (Stanford Ph.D. 1990)
          Occupation: Professor at University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
  • David Salesin (Stanford Ph.D. 1991)
          Occupation: Professor at University of Washington
  • Joseph (Yossi) Friedman (Stanford Ph.D.)
          Occupation: Employee at Millennium Partners
  • Eric Veach (Stanford Ph.D.)
          Occupation: Distinguished Engineer at Google
  • G.D. Ramkumar (Stanford Ph.D.)
          Thesis: Tracings and Their Convolution: Theory and Applications
          Occupation: CTO at SnapTell
  • Joao Comba (Stanford Ph.D.)
          Occupation: Professor at Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
  • Julien Basch (Stanford Ph.D.)
          Occupation: Employee at Google
  • Scott Cohen (Stanford Ph.D. 1999)
          Occupation: Employee at Adobe
  • Li Zhang (Stanford Ph.D.)
          Occupation: Researcher at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley
  • Menelaos Karavelas (Stanford Ph.D. 2001)
          Occupation: Assistant Professor at University of Crete
  • Olaf Hall-Holt (Stanford Ph.D. 2002)
          Occupation: Assistant Professor at St. Olaf College
  • Rachel Kolodny (Stanford Ph.D.)
          Occupation: Assistant Professor at University of Haifa
  • Jaewon Shin (Stanford Ph.D. 2004)
          Occupation: COO at Bay Area K-Group
  • Jie Gao (Stanford Ph.D. 2004)
          Occupation: Assistant Professor at State University of New York, Stony Brook
  • Danny Yang (Stanford Ph.D. 2005)
          Occupation: CTO at Seravia
  • An Zhu (Stanford Ph.D. - coadvised with Ranjeev Motwani)
          Occupation: Staff Software Engineer at Google
  • Niloy Mitra (Stanford Ph.D. 2006)
          Thesis: Algorithms for Comparing and Analyzing 3D Geometry
          Occupation: Assistant Professor at KAUST
  • Natasha Gelfand (Stanford Ph.D. 2006 - coadvised with Marc Levoy)
          Thesis: Feature Analysis and Registration of Scanned Surfaces
          Occupation: Researcher at Nokia Research
  • An Nguyen (Stanford Ph.D. 2006)
          Thesis: Implicit Bounding Volumes and Bounding Volume Hierarchies
  • Daniel Russel (Stanford Ph.D. 2006)
          Occupation: Assistant Professor at University of California, San Francisco
  • Qing Fang (Stanford Ph.D.)
  • Primoz Skraba (Stanford Ph.D. 2008)
          Thesis: Analysis of Scalar Fields Over Point Cloud Data
          Occupation: Postdoctoral Researcher at INRIA-Saclay
  • Emilio Antunez (Stanford Ph.D. 2009)
          Thesis: Extraction of 1D Skeletons from Grayscale 3D Images
          Occupation: Employee at Google
  • Nikola Milosavljevic (Stanford Ph.D. 2009)
          Thesis: Robust Algorithms for Infrastructure Establishment in Sensor Networks
          Occupation: Postdoctoral Researcher at Max Planck Institut Informatik
  • HyungJune Lee (Stanford Ph.D. 2010)
          Thesis: Routing to Mobile Users by Exploiting Mobility Prediction in Wireless Mesh Networks
          Occupation: Sr. Staff Firmware Scientist at Broadcom
  • Arik Motskin (Stanford Ph.D. 2010)
          Thesis: Lightweight Scheduling and Information Delivery in Wireless Networks
          Occupation: Employee at Google

  • Pat Hanrahan
  • Homan Igehy (Stanford Ph.D. 2000)
          Occupation: Senior Vice President at D. E. Shaw & Co.
  • Ravi Ramamoorthi (Stanford Ph.D. 2002)
          Thesis: A Signal-Processing Framework for Forward and Inverse Rendering
          Occupation: Associate Professor at University of California - Berkeley
  • Maneesh Argawala (Stanford Ph.D. 2002)
          Thesis: Visualizing Route Maps
          Occupation: Associate Professor at University of California - Berkeley
  • Ian Buck (Stanford Ph.D. 2006)
          Thesis: Stream Computing on Graphics Hardware
          Occupation: Employee at NVIDIA
  • Ren Ng (Stanford Ph.D. 2006)
          Thesis: Digital Light Field Photography
          Occupation: Employee at Refocus Imaging
  • Mike Houston (Stanford Ph.D. 2008)
          Occupation: System Architect at AMD
  • Jeff Klingner (Stanford Ph.D. 2010)
          Thesis: Measuring Cognitive Load During Visual Tasks by Combining Pupillometry and Eye Tracking
  • David Akers (Stanford Ph.D. 2010)
          Thesis: Backtracking Events as Indicators of Software Usability Problems
          Occupation: Assistant Professor at University of Puget Sound

  • Scott Klemmer
  • Ron Yeh (Stanford Ph.D. 2007)
          Thesis: Designing Interactions that Combine Pen, Paper, and Computer
          Occupation: Founder at SquarePoet, Inc.
  • Brian Lee (Stanford Ph.D. 2007)
          Occupation: Employee at Palantir Technologies
  • Bjoern Hartmann (Stanford Ph.D. 2009)
          Thesis: Gaining Design Insight Through Interaction Prototyping Tools
          Occupation: Assistant Professor at University of California - Berkeley
  • Joel Brandt (Stanford Ph.D. 2010)
          Thesis: Example-Centric Programming: Integrating Web Search Into the Development Process
          Occupation: Research Scientist at Adobe Systems, Inc. Advanced Technology Labs

  • Marc Levoy
  • Philippe Lacroute (Stanford Ph.D. 1995)
          Thesis: Fast Volume Rendering Using a Shear-warp Factorization of the Viewing Transformation
          Occupation: Research Associate at Stanford University
  • Brian Curless (Stanford Ph.D. 1997)
          Thesis: New Methods for Surface Reconstruction from Range Images
          Occupation: Professor at University of Washington
  • Venkat Krishnamurthy (Stanford Ph.D. 1998)
          Thesis: Fitting Smooth Surfaces to Dense Polygon Meshes
          Occupation: CTO at Checkpoint Systems
  • Szymon Rusinkeiwicz (Stanford Ph.D. 2001)
          Thesis: Real-time Acquisition and Rendering of Large 3D Models
          Occupation: Associate Professor at Princeton University
  • Li-Yi Wei (Stanford Ph.D. 2001)
          Thesis: Texture Synthesis by Fixed Neighborhood Searching
          Occupation: Researcher at Microsoft Research
  • Augusto Roman (Stanford Ph.D. 2006)
          Thesis: Multiperspective Imaging for Automated Urban Visualization
          Occupation: Software Engineer at Google
  • Natasha Gelfand (Stanford Ph.D. 2006 - coadvised with Leo Guibas)
          Thesis: Feature Analysis and Registration of Scanned Surfaces
          Occupation: Researcher at Nokia Research
  • Gaurav Garg (Stanford Ph.D. 2006)
          Thesis: Efficiently Acquiring Reflectance Fields Using Patterned Illumination
          Occupation: Software Engineer at Google
  • Billy Chen (Stanford Ph.D. 2006)
          Thesis: Novel Methods for Manipulating and Combining Light Fields
          Occupation: Employee at Microsoft Research
  • David Koller (Stanford Ph.D. 2007)
          Thesis: Protected Dissemination and Computer-aided Reconstruction of Digitized Cultural Artifacts
  • Vaibhav Vaish (Stanford Ph.D. 2007)
          Thesis: Synthetic Aperture Imaging Using Dense Camera Arrays
          Occupation: Software Engineer at Google
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