PointRight: Experience with Flexible Input Redirection in Interactive Workspaces

Brad Johanson, Greg Hutchins, Terry Winograd, Maureen Stone

In the Proceedings of UIST-2002


We describe the design of and experience with PointRight, a peer-to-peer pointer and keyboard redirection system that operates in multi-machine, multi-user environments. PointRight employs a geometric model for redirecting input across screens driven by multiple independent machines and operating systems. It was created for interactive workspaces that include large, shared displays and individual laptops, but is a general tool that supports many different configurations and modes of use. Although previous systems have provided for re-routing pointer and keyboard control, in this paper we present a more general and flexible system, along with an analysis of the types of re-binding that must be handled by any pointer re-direction system This paper describes the system, the ways in which it has been used, and the lessons that have been learned from its use over the last two years.

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