Feature-Based Volume Metamorphosis

Figure 6 (Color plate 2)

All the renderings shown here are volume renderings, not polygon renderings. The original figures (in losslessly compressed TIFF format) can be retrieved by clicking on the corresponding thumbnail.

Figure 6(a)

Dart volume from scan-converted polygon mesh.

Figure 6(b)

X-29 volume from scan-converted polygon mesh.

Figure 6(c)

Volume morph halfway between dart and X-29.

Figure 6(d)

User interface showing elements used to establish correspondences between models. Points (not shown), segments, rectangles, and boxes are respectively drawn as pink spheres, green cylinders, narrow blue slabs, and yellow boxes. The x, y, and z axes of each element are shown only when the user clicks on an element in order to change its attributes; otherwise, they remain invisible to prevent cluttering the work area (see section 3.2).

Last update: 11 May 1995 by Apostolos "Toli" Lerios