Feature-Based Volume Metamorphosis

Figure 5 (Color plate 1)

All the renderings shown here are volume renderings, not polygon renderings. The original figures (in losslessly compressed TIFF format) can be retrieved by clicking on the corresponding thumbnail.

Figure 5(a)

Original CT human head.

Figure 5(b)

Human head warped to midpoint of morph.

Figure 5(c)

Original CT orangutan head.

Figure 5(d)

Orangutan head warped to midpoint of morph.

Figure 5(e)

3D volume morph halfway between human head and orangutan head.

Figure 5(f)

Cross-dissolve of figures 5(b) and 5(d) illustrating a drawback of 2.5 D morphing. The base of the skull (indicated by red arrows) appears unrealistically transparent, and the teeth are indistinct, compared to the full 3D morph shown in figure 5(e).

Figure 5(g)

Volume morph at time 0.06 using linear interpolation of warped volumes. Due to the exponential dependence of rendered color on opacity, the empty space towards the front of the human head has already been filled in by the warped orangutan volume (red arrows).

Figure 5(h)

Volume morph at time 0.06 using non-linear interpolation of warped volumes to correct for the exponential dependence of color on opacity. The result is now nearly identical to the human (see section 4.2).

Last update: 11 May 1995 by Apostolos "Toli" Lerios