Novel Methods for Manipulating and Combining Light Fields

A dissertation submitted to the Department of Computer Science and the Committee of Graduate Studies of Stanford University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of doctor of philosphy.

Billy Chen
September 2006



Chapter 3: Light Field Deformation

Global twist of the toy Terra Cotta Warrior light field
[AVI] 188 KB
Multiple deformations on a fish and teddy bear light field
[AVI] 663 KB

Chapter 4: LightShop: A System for Manipulating Light Fields

Relighting the right actor's face in the wedding
composite light field
[AVI] 626 KB
(movie showing different views [AVI] 5.9 MB)
Turning the actors' heads to change their pose
[AVI] 759 KB
(movie showing different views [AVI] 3.6 MB)
A video showing the toy-ship light field. [AVI]
2.3 MB
A dog-fight with a light field of a toy ship [AVI]
9 MB

Appendix B: Projector-based Light Field Segmentation

Animation showing the images in a coaxial light field
[AVI] 120 KB
Animation showing the images in a labeling light field
[AVI] 242 KB

Appendix E: Light Field Hacks

Shadow-casting from light fields
[AVI] 680 KB