CS448B: Visualization


Project Presentations on March 12, 2-5pm


Pat Hanrahan
Gates Computer Science Building, Rm 370-3B
Office hours: 11am-12noon Thu
Email: hanrahan at cs.stanford.edu


Gates Room 392, Tue-Thu from 2:30-3:45pm


Envisioning Information, E. Tufte. Cheshire Press, 1990.
We suggest you order it online. Please do so soon, since readings will be assigned in the first week of class.

There will also be weekly readings.


Jan 6 The Purpose of Visualization
Information visualization, Card, Mackinlay, Schneiderman (handout)
Spatial schemas in depictions, Tversky (handout)
Decision to launch the Challenger, Tufte (handout)
Jan 8 Data and Image Models
The eyes have it, Schneiderman (html)
Bertin and beyond, Green (html)
The structure of the information visualization design space, Card, Mackinlay (pdf)

Jan 13 Discussion of examples of good and bad visualizations
Jan 15 Perception and Cognition
Small Multiples, In Envisioning Information
Layering, In Envisioning Information
Graphical perception, Spence and Lawandowsky (handout)
Integral vs. separable dimensions, Palmer (handout)
Graphical perception, Cleveland and McGill (html).
Healey's preattentive vision applet
Rensink's change blindness applet
The Game of Set

Jan 20 Design Problem I
Diffusion tensor MRI, Dave Akers, Rachel Mackenzie
Ancestral trees, Jeff Klingner, Merrie Ringel
Jan 22 Space (On Being in the Right Space)
Escaping flatland, In Envisioning Information
Narratives of space and time, In Envisioning Information
Map Projections in PDF
Postmortem of an example, Bertin (handout)
A tour of Trellis graphics, R. Becker et al. (ps)
Table lens, Rao and Card, (acm)

Jan 27 Design Problem II
C++ classes and methods, Mike Cammarano, Daniel Horn
Network intrusion detection, Amir Lopatin, John Gerth
Jan 29 Color
Color and information, In Envisioning Information
Abstracting reality, MacEachren (handout)
Area Colors, Imhof (handout), Virtual Library
PRAVDA, Bergman, Treinish, Rogowitz
Color guidelines, Brewer
CIELUV and CIELAB Applets, P. Rhodes

Feb 3 Design Problem III
Gene arrays, Johann Won, Jessy Kang
Flows of people and commodities, Ron Yeh, Doantam Phan
Feb 5 Interaction
Dynamic queries, Ahlberg, C. and Shneiderman, B., (html)
Dynamic queries, starfield displays, and the path to Spotfire, html.
Demonstrations and videos
Excentric labels
Fry's zipcodes
Attribute explorer and cone tree video
Table lens

Feb 10 Design Problem IV
User event logs (VIBE), Kjell Reutersward, Stace Peterson
Social networks, Mike Choy, Jed Crosby
Light fields, Bill Chen, Chris Hong
Feb 12 Trees and Graphs
Rheingold-Tilford (handout)
Kamada-Kawai (handout)
DOI-tree (html)
dot paper, Gansner et al. (pdf)

Feb 17 Self Illustrating Phenomena
Feb 19 Temporal Photography

Feb 24 Conveying Shape: Line Drawings
Dooley, Cohen, Line illustration (handout)
Hayes, Ross, Lines of sight (handout)
DeCarlo, et al, Suggestive contours (html)
Feb 26 Conveying Shape: Shading and Texturing
Gooch and Gooch, Communicating shape
Ramachandran, 2-D or not 2-D--that is the question (handout)
Interrante, Texture
Akers et al. Conveying shape with image-based relighting

Mar 2 Animation
Principles, Lasseter, (acm)
Animation: Can it facilitate?, B. Tversky et al., (handout)
Slithy, (html)
Mar 4 Graphical Integrity
Graphical integrity, Tufte, (handout)
Every map shows this, but not that, Wood, (handout)


Assignment 1 (Due Jan 13)
Assignment 2 (Due Jan 27)


The course will meet twice a week. The first weekly meeting will consist of a lecture on the above topics. The 2nd weekly meeting will be a group design exercise with the goal to create a visual tool for solving a particular problem in a domain of interest.

In addition to participating in the discussions, students are expected to do a project and write up their results as a conference paper submission.