CS448A Final Project Proposals

Mike Houston, Kok-Wei Koh

Polygon Rasterization
Jaeha Kim, Jung Ho Ahn

Unwired A Wireless Graphics Architecture
Philipp Schloter, Pradeep Sen

Texture Caches for Multitexturing
Francois Labonte, David Lie

Displacement Mapping
Huat Chye Lim

Programatically Interpolated Curved PN Triangles
Keith Ito

Exploring the Performance of the Reyes Rendering Pipeline on the Imagine Stream Processor.
Brucek Khailany, Brian Towles

The Road to Renderman in Hardware
Jonathan Ragan-Kelley, Ujval Kapasi

An Examination of Shadow-Generation Techniques
Rahul Gupta, Ming Tam, Yar Woo

Evaluation of Shared and Hierarchical Caches in a Parallel Multi-texturing Rendering System
Ken Mai

Compiling for Optimal Multipass Rendering
Yi-Ren Ng

Persistent State in Programmable Shaders
Andrew Robbins

Hybrid Reyes-Traditional Architecture on Consumer Graphics Cards
Seth Nickell