CS448: Advanced Rendering


This project/topics course will cover advanced rendering. The first half will discuss programmable graphics hardware and fast global illumination algorithms. The second half will cover high-end rendering for the movies, including lighting design, material models and photon mapping.


Introductory computer graphics at the level of CS248 and rendering at the level of CS348B.



Sep 26 Introduction
Oct 1 Introduction to Programmable Graphics Hardware
Oct 3 Design of the R300, Mark Leather, ATI
Oct 8 Design of the NV20 and NV30 instruction sets, Erik Lindholm, NVIDIA
Oct 10 Cg, Bill Mark, NVIDIA and UT Austin
Oct 15 Stream Programming Models/Brook
Oct 17 Functional GPU Programming, Conal Elliot, Microsoft Research
Oct 22 Ray Tracing on GPUs
Oct 24 Fast Global Illumination (Paper Presentations)
Oct 31 Lighting Design Fundamentals
Nov 5 Reflection as Convolution
Nov 7 Low-Dimensional Lighting
Nov 12 Exotic Materials I (Paper Presentations)
Nov 14 Photon Mapping on Graphics Hardware, Henrik Wann Jensen, UCSD
Nov 18 Exotic Materials II
Nov 21 Density Estimation II (Paper Presentations)
Nov 26 Rendering for the Movies, Larry Gritz, NVIDIA
Nov 28 No Class, Thanksgiving
Dec 11 Final Project Presentations