CS 248: Final Solutions


  1. Bezier Approximation to an Arc
  2. Cubical Environment Maps
  3. Noise Funcion Interpolation
  4. Transformations
  5. Accumulation Buffers

Score Distribution

The average grade was 73.7 out of 100; the standard deviation was 16.7.

Here is a graph of the overall distribution of grades:

Regrading Policy

While we made every effort to grade every test correctly, we do occasionally make a mistake, and so part of the intent of posting the final solutions is to help you make sure that you were graded correctly. To help you do that, we included our grading criteria with each of the solutions. The same criteria were used for everyone. It is unlikely that we will change your grade if you merely disagree with the criteria we used, since that would be unfair to others in the class.

If you feel that you were misgraded, first check your solutions against our grading criteria. If you still feel that your grade is incorrect, then you are welcome to ask for a regrade. Here is the procedure:

Please don't take the requirement that you submit regrade requests in writing to mean that we don't want to discuss the final problems with you! Feel more than welcome to visit any of the TAs (or even better, the grader of a specific problem) to discuss a final question in detail. Just please do not ask for a regrade, except in writing, through e-mail.